5 Steps Taiwan is Taking to Bolster its Education System

August 23rd, 2019


The Ministry of Education in Taiwan is the highest administrative body in charge of national educational affairs, and its mission is to promote national educational sports, and youth development affairs, and to raise the overall quality of education and the nation’s competitiveness.

The Ministry of Education is currently implementing the following important policies:

1. The New Southbound Talent Development Program

The Ministry of Education has recently actively encouraged foreign students to come and study in Taiwan, using the “New Southbound Policy” to design the “New Southbound Talent Development Program” in order to offer a quality educational environment, education of professional talent in both directions, and expand bilateral exchanges between young academic and students of both sides, while simultaneously developing a platform for bilateral education cooperation. In the future, the Ministry of Education will also assist the relevant organizations to cooperate, and develop substantial educational exchange channels, further deepening relations with partner countries.

2. Taiwan’s Plans to respond to the Trend of Fewer Children

Planning a “complete care system for the ages 0 to 5,” offer adequate, qualitative, affordable childcare services with the aim of expanding childcare services and reduce the burden on parents. The most important element is to add to the number of public preschools, and the increase the size of the public supply, as well as establishing a semi-public criterium, and sign agreements to cooperate with private preschools which meet the requirements and allow them to become semi-public preschools, and offer childcare services at prices close to public preschools.

3. Youth Education and Employment Savings Account Project

In order to offer students the opportunity of professional exploration and graduates employment, expand the opportunities for youths to experience international studies and raise their international competitiveness, the Ministry of Education set up a savings account, supplying student with funds to study, work, create or experience studies.

4. Support Project for Excellent Athletes

Provide excellent athletes with channels for advancements, life care, study counseling, study subsidies and technical and medical sports assistance, counseling, match and support athletes to find work, offer prized for excellent athletes and trainers in sports competitions.

5. Sustained Progress and rise of Universities in Taiwan

Subsidize plans related to education innovation at universities, establish criteriums for supporting and assistant student development, encourage universities to increase their contributions to local areas or society, assist universities in promoting internationalization, recruiting international teachers and researchers. Implement the innovation of education, increase the public element of higher education, develop the individual characteristics of schools in order to perfect the aim of social responsibility.

In the future, the Ministry of Education will continue to realistically promote each type of education policy, and establish positive partnership relationships with each area, and invest even more resources and effort, developing a new pattern for education together.

Source: Ministry of Education https://english.moe.gov.tw/mp-1.html

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